Turnkey Packages

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Turnkey Packages
Specifications Detail Package 1
Package 2
Package 3
Package 4
Flooring Marble in Lounge and Lobby Badal (2.5''')
12" x 12 "  
China Verona (2.5''') 12" x12" C-Class Boticena / Verona
(2.5''') B- Class
Botisena Craem /
Verona Fancy (5''')
24'' x 24''
 Marble in Stairs Badal China Verona Slab /
Black n Gold
Indian Green Granite
Tiles in Bedroom
Al-Karam /Local tiles Marble / Tiles (local,
Botisena Craem /
Verona Fancy 
Botisena Craem /
Verona Fancy (3''') 
Drawing Badal Wooden Floor
Chinese B-Class
Wooden Floor
Chinese A-Class
Wooden Floor
Doors Main Door Flush Typ with
Commercial Ply
Ash Wood Frame
with MFD Sheet
Solid Dyar Frame
with MDF Sheet and
Commercial Ply
Complete Solid Dyar
Internal Doors Flush Typ with
Commercial Ply
Malaysian (Mdf
Solid Dyar Frame
with MDF Sheet and
Commercial Ply
Complete Solid Dyar
Door Locks Local Range Chinese B - Class SMC / Imported
Mandali / Bagati
Door Frames
Mild Steel(Gauge 20) Mild Steel(Gauge 18) Local Red Wood /
Mild Steel (G. 16)
Solid Dyar Frame 5" / Gage
Glass Doors _ _ Sand Blasted / Ash
Wood Frame
Sand Blasted /Diyar
Ceiling False Ceiling _ All bedrooms Lounge, Drwaing,
Dining and all rooms
All House (boxes
and molding)
Kitchen laminated Kitchen
with Marble top
MDF Shutters with
badal Top
MDF with paperpress Shutters , Indian Green Top Solid Dyar / Marble
Granite Top
Branded Kitchen
Wardrobe Laminated
Warbrobe front
MDF MDF Farmite / Sony Tech Dyar Frame with
Glass and comm. ply designing
Chipboard Boxes Local lamination
(B Class)
Local lamination
(A Class)
Local lamination
(A+ Class)
Farmite / Sony Tech
Electric Fittings Tube light & Fan
(01 per Room)
Local Tube and patti fitting / Asia Fan Eco Tube and Patti
Fitting /Asia Fan
Philips Tube /
Royal Fan
Philips Tube /
Lahore Fan
Cables By Boss Cable GM Cable Mian Cable New Age / Pakistan
Fancy Lights Local Range Chinese B - Class Chinese A- Class Imported A+ Class
Switches Local Chinese Bosh Hi- Life UK / Italian
Circuit Breakers Local Chinese Bosh Hi- Life Legrand / Terasaki
Bath Room Bath Tiles Al Karam / Local Emco / Equivalent Chinese A- Class Spanish / Thailand
/ Dubai
Bath Fittings Local Range  Asia / R.S Chinese / Master /
Grohe Euro / Grohe
Smart (Chinese)
EXTRA _ Tub in Master Bath
12 mm shower cabin in
all Bath rooms
Jacuzzi in 01 Bath & 12 mm Shower Cabin in Bath rooms
Paint General Paint  Local Brighto / Silver Sand ICI Paintex  Texture / Marbelized
Paint (ICI Classic / Berger) with wallpaper on each bedroom's single wall
External Finish Local Weather Shield ICI / Berger weather
Texto / Pioneer
Cobination of
Pioneering Coating
and tile mosaic
Windows Frame Mild Iron (20 G.) Mild Iron (18 G.) Alco / JoJo / Mild
iron ( 16 G)
Prime / Chawla
Glass 5 mm Local 5 mm Chinese 5 mm Gunj Glass 5 mm Al-Ghani
Steel Grill Steel Pipe (20 G) Steel Pipe (18 G) 3"' Steel Bars /
Steel Pipe (16 G)
4''' Steel Bar
Side and Back Passage 1'x1' Tile Badal / Alkaram / Local Emco / Botisina /
Chinese Tile / botisina / Verona Clad Stone / Botisina
cream / Verona Fancy
Pipes Water Supply
(PPRC) Local
PPRC Local A -
(GI PPI) (Gi) I II M Karachi
Water Supply
(PPRC) Local
PPRC Beta PPRC / Popular
/ Equivalent
(PPRC) Dubai / Turkey
Internal Sewrage (Pvc) Local (Pvc) National /
Popular Pipes
(Pvc) Beta Pipes (Pvc) Popular Pipes
External Sewrage (Rcc) Local (Rcc) Dadex (PVC) Local (Pvc) Popular Pipes

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